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Cultivating Knowledge. Creating Change.

What’s different about Park City Community Foundation? Beyond just awarding grant money, the Community Foundation is the place for nonprofits to collaborate and learn from one another. And with education comes better governance and financial responsibility, which leads to stronger, more viable nonprofits. It’s one distinct way we’re giving to the organizations that give so much to greater Park City.

We offer accessible and affordable workshops to help nonprofits maximize their impact in the community—with a manageable workload.

Annual Nonprofit Workshop

Building equitable and inclusive nonprofits in our community takes time, investment, and commitment. Please join us on May 19, 2020, for this year’s annual nonprofit workshop, Race Equity in Nonprofit Communications and Storytelling, with McKensie Mack.

Nonprofit Roundtables—Collaboration through Conversation

Our twelve roundtables a year provide facilitated discussions for our nonprofit partners to discuss the topics that impact them most. See the annual schedule of all roundtables.

Education Impact

  • 12 – 15 training and education programs sponsored each year
  • $21,000 invested annually in nonprofit education
  • Nationally renowned speakers and educators brought to Park City for events

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What Participants Are Saying

“The roundtable discussions are immensely valuable, not only to the nonprofit sector but to the Park City community. The valuable information that is shared, contemplated, deliberated and debated brings about best practices for every nonprofit executive, allowing them to work with community members in a more meaningful way. I will never miss a roundtable!”

“The PCCF roundtables have been a great source of networking as well as food for thought. Nonprofit work can be draining and discouraging at times. Knowing that others are facing some of the same challenges and sharing ideas and resources with each other is wonderful. Thank you!”

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